Credit Unions

Equipment Loans


Annual Revenue:

  • No fixed amount. Annual revenue will factor into the total eligible funding amount

Time in Business:

  • No fixed amount. Time in business will factor into the total eligible funding amount

Typical Range

Up to $100,000


Timeliness to Fund:

  • Fund available once application is approved (usually 48-72 hours)

Origination & Interaction Model:

  • Apply online in 5-10 minutes. Phone support available if required

Other Features:

  • Work with an advisor to pledge assets to secure the loan (customized to each business and model)
  • Eligible assets vary by industry (Farms: grain bins and harvesting equipment
    Commercial/Industrial: heavy equipment for mining or construction, office equipment and utility trucks/trailers
  • Medical/Technological: banking systems and computer networks
  • Manufacturing: production and packaging equipment, machine tools and robotics)