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Are you a small business looking for financing? Ontario is Open for Small Business is a great place to start.

There are many different ways to finance your business – banks, credit unions and alternative lending sources (e-commerce, invoice financing, online lending platform, or peer-to-peer) all have lending products. But understanding what each lender has to offer and then finding the one that best suits your needs can be a challenge. Ontario is Open for Small Business  has resources and tools to help address this challenge and help you know your options. 


Small businesses are an economic powerhouse driving the Canadian economy. There are over 410,000 small businesses in Ontario which

– Employ over 8.2 million workers and 70% of Canadians
– Drive 30% of the provincial GDP

Access to capital is a key enabler of growth for small businesses

– 71% of small businesses in Ontario believe they could achieve faster growth with additional access to funding

Lenders and Lending Products

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There are a wide variety of lenders available to Ontario small business owners looking for capital. They include banks, credit unions and Alternative lenders including eCommerce, invoice financing, online lending platforms and peer-to-peer (P2P) lenders. The Government of Ontario also offers funding for grants and/or loans to small businesses that meet their eligibility requirements. These loans may be issued independently or in partnership with a Financial Services Provider.

Lending Products

Download BrochureThe variety of products demonstrates the diverse needs of small businesses in the Ontario market and their lending requirements for both Traditional and Alternative lenders. While nuances will exist for each individual business, it should be noted that these products are created with intended uses in mind and will provide optimal solutions for certain businesses. Additionally, each of these products is often partnered with services provided from the lender. All lending providers and products offer a variety of service support, but they generally fall in the categories of support service, business and strategy advice, bundling of services, and availability for servicing.

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